Texas Flash Floods Have Us Stuck Inside

Let's face it yall Texas gets quite a bit of rain and it's not always expected. It can go from sunny and eighty degrees to flash flood warnings and fifty-sixty degree chills.

We don't like being stuck inside at all we enjoy hiking and being outdoors from sun up to sundown if possible so when it rains and floods we make it as fun indoors as we can. Tea parties, building forts and movie marathons. Just last week we had major flooding and some massive storms that kept some of us up all night. Can you tell they were worried? lol 

Who doesn't like to play kitchen with their sisters on a rainy day? Most kids except for mine, where mine like to hide inside the toy kitchen playing peek-a-boo ;)

Yall help me feel like I'm not the only one with kids that have the silliest ideas ;) share with me some silly things your kiddos do too!