Girls Will Be Girls

My oldest loves to have her nails painted. What little girls don't right? We don't normally paint our nails because we have taking the interest to learn what's in most things we have in our household and nail polish is super TOXIC yall! On a lighter note though girls will be girls ;)

I snuck upstairs to see her sitting quietly painting her nails before her softball game. I couldn't help but capture these adorable little moments. She reminded me that they were not "good" for your nails to breathe the chemicals but she assured me she only wanted to paint a few nails haha 

As I am currently working on a personal project I had to capture these details. Not to mention I'll be attending the ClickinWalk next month and I am pushing myself to capture moments daily instead of just pulling my gear out for sessions. It's super important for photographers & moms to shoot for pleasure. Trust me no one gets burnt out quicker than a photographer who only pulls out their gear for sessions and sessions only. After all if your like me and millions of other mom-tographers then you started photographer out of pure joy right? You shot for fun and shot things you enjoyed which is why you pursued it into this journey. So I encourage you to find that flame again with your photography and shoot for yourself. Don't get burnt out!