Y'all I have been working on a project since January of 2017 which I won't finish until end of July or early August. I am venturing out as a photographer and really soul searching for where my calling is. I am drawn to little souls which is why I love photographing children. I absolutely love seeing how each family is truly different in their own ways and how each family interacts with one another. No two families can compare as each family is unique and shouldn't be compared :) 

I am currently working on the "children" part of my personal project. I am sharing a few from a session I had with a sweet little girl that Ive had the honors of capturing twice now! I would love for you to take the time to give honest feedback on this session. Do you love the style? Do you like the processed images? What are THREE words that describe these images? What do you like most about these images? I would appreciate all your feedback, please comment on this blog answering the questions asked above. I might just have to give a little treat as thanks if I can get enough feedback ;)



  • June 2017
  • July 2017